Eh Rotha’s Accident – Here Is What Happened and How You Can Help (Updated)

Well-renowned Kun Khmer fighter Eh Rotha was in a severe car accident on Tuesday 25 December at 7 AM in the morning. Not only was Eh Rotha hit by the car, but according to witnesses the culprit also reversed his vehicle and drove over him again.

The 19-year-old competitor is in very critical condition and his caretakers are working hard to get him the proper care at The Royal Phnom Penh Hospital.

His friends and family are currently by his side, but Rotha needs all the financial help he can get to cover his medical bills and ensure that he gets the best care he can get.

How can you help Eh Rotha?

Eh Rotha’s caretakers do not have a bank account for donations, but if you can speak Khmer you can contact them and set something up +855 089333705

You can also send money to the following Thai accounts. The donations will be withdrawn in Phnom Penh and given to Eh Rotha in cash.

  • Krungsri bank: 659 1376041
  • Kasikorn bank: 017 8547305

The following accounts are for Cambodia:

ACLEDA Bank Plc., Head Office, Phnom Penh. Cambodia
Swift Code: ACLBKHPP
Chips UID: 415637
Name: Hun ChanReach
Account number: 34830276866010

There is also a Paypal account, but that should be used a last resort since it takes up to 7 days for the money to reach Eh Rothana. If you still want to use PayPal, use the following reference:


Please visit

Support Eh Rotha through GoFundMe


This article is being updated

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