Emmanuel Onyedikachi Is Set For ONE Warrior Series 4 In Singapore

Phnom Penh-based athlete Emmanuel Onyedikachi is one of Southeast Asia’s most promising up-and-coming mixed martial artists.

On Thursday, 28 February, “The Biafran Warrior” will once again represent Cambodia as he is set for Rich Franklin’s ONE Warrior Series 4 in Singapore.

The undefeated 32-year-old will lock horns with stand-out competitor Devon “Bam Bam” Morris, and he anticipates an explosive bout that will bring out the best in him.

“Morris has a lot of experience, and I absolutely love this. I love this challenge,” Emmanuel Onyedikachi declares. 

“I strongly believe that I’m going to win this fight, and I’m not going to let it end up in a decision.” 

Phuket Top Team representative “Bam Bam” has only gone to decision once in his seven-bout career, and all of his wins have ended via first-round stoppage.

Representing fellow ONE Championship athlete Chan Rothana’s gym Selapak, “The Biafran Warrior” welcomes the test with open arms.

“It’s another tough fight, facing a guy with the same kind of power,” Emmanuel says.

“It’s going to be a bull against a bull, and it’s gonna be explosive. I’m going to prove that I’m the real ‘Biafran Warrior.'”

Emmanuel is currently riding a three-bout win streak, with the highlight being a thunderous first-round finish against India’s Sandeep Kumar Dahiya.

As he keeps building on his professional mixed martial arts career, Emmanuel has also been staying busy outside of the ring as he is now a newly-wed and soon-to-be father.

These recent life changes have turned him into a different man, and the mere thought of holding his child has fueled his fire even more.

Already an ambassador and “Kids Champion” for the non-profit organization Awareness Cambodia, the Nigeria-born athlete will step into the ring with the support of both his family and his young admirers.

“When I’m stepping in there, I know I’m fighting for my family,” Emmanuel states.

“I’m not only fighting for myself, but I also fight for underprivileged kids, my family, and my own child as well.”

Emmanuel has been vocal of his many struggles when he first arrived in Cambodia, and he is now set to show his adopted country that anyone can turn their life around with determination and the right mindset.

“Just when I thought the whole world was turning on me, things started to come around,” says Emmanuel. “2019 is going to be my year, I believe that.”

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