Three interesting things you need to know about Vy Srey Khouch

ONE Championship athlete Vy “Pretty Punch” Srey Khouch has been biding her time to get back into the cage but has not stopped training and competing.

A close friend of ONE Championship’s rising star Nou Srey Pov, Srey Khouch is now in full training camp to represent Cambodia in an international boxing competition in Thailand.

“Right now, I’m focusing on competing in Thailand in April,” Srey Khouch explains.

“I, Srey Pov, and a few other males athletes will go to a training camp and compete over there.”

Ahead of her ONE Championship return and boxing endeavors, here are three interesting things you should know about “Pretty Punch” Srey Khouch.

#1. Her celebrity crush and favorite music

Even if most of Srey Khouch’s life revolves around martial arts, she is also an avid music lover that prefers Cambodian tunes.

When asked who her celebrity crush is, “Pretty Punch” has a hard time not smiling.

“I think Preap Sovath and his sons,” she says with a laugh.

“Especially Sovath is super handsome. Even though he is a bit older now, he is still very good looking.”

When it comes to her idol, she also chooses a music artist.

“My idol is the singer Meas Soksophea,” she states.

“I adore her because she seems both friendly and playful. I like listening to her new song ‘Songsa 1 khae 2 khae.”

#2. Her favorite competitor

Srey Khouch sharpens her mixed martial arts skills at Cambodian Top Team and trains boxing regularly at the Olympic Stadium.

Before that, “Pretty Punch” used to train at Selapak, and she still holds the gym’s leader as her favorite amongst professional competitors.

“That would be Mr. Chan Rothana,” Srey Khouch answers about her combat sports hero. “I used to train and watch his fights.”

“I admire his desire to win; he doesn’t care about being exhausted; he keeps going!

“Also, he has great grappling and the ability to escape hard positions. He has such a strong will. I admire that!”

#3. She loves to sing

Besides listening to music, Srey Khouch also enjoys singing, just like her ONE Championship teammate Srey Pov.

“Besides fighting, I like to sing older songs,” she reveals.

“Sreypov and I are alike; we love singing. When I sing, I feel like I can relax. But don’t ask me about cooking, I know nothing about that,” she laughs.

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