Chhut SereyVannthong Excited To Fight Muay Thai Champion at Ek Phnom Kun Khmer Arena

At only 19 years old, Battambang native Chhut SereyVannthong has already begun to establish himself as one of Cambodia’s most promising Kun Khmer stars.

Sporting an impressive fight record, the young talent dreams about being the next one to represent Cambodia in international organizations like ONE Championship.

On Sunday, 26 May, Chhut SereyVannthong will headline at the modern Ek Phnom Kun Khmer Arena in Battambang. He will take on one of his biggest tests to date as he is set to face Muay Thai Champion Zico from northern Thailand.

Chhut SereyVannthong aims for ONE Championship

Ahead of his big fight, SereyVannthong says he is excited to be competing in his hometown of Battambang against such a skillful opponent as Zico.

“I am feeling excited that I will have the opportunity to fight in [Battambang],” says SereyVannthong.

“But I am also feeling a bit worried because my opponent is both strong and has good elbows, but I will train a lot to be prepared for this fight.”

Training under the tutelage of his father and coach Chhut Serey, 19-year-old SereyVannthong has been in love with Kun Khmer since he was a kid.

“I started to really love boxing when I was 12 years old. I saw the older fighters training a lot, and especially one boxer caught my eye, his name was San Sayan.”

On Sunday, 26 May Chhut SereyVannthong will have the chance to take another big step in his career and hopefully join Keo Rumchong and Khim Dima as winners at the Ek Phnom Kun Khmer Arena in Battambang.

Even though he is young, SereyVannthong has big dreams for himself.

“In the future, I want to be a superstar and promote our Kun Khmer all over the world,” says SereyVannthong.

His father agrees that SereyVannthong has what it takes to reach the big league, but not yet.

“In the future, my son will be ready to fight at ONE Championship,” states Chhut Serey.

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