Ek Phnom Stadium in Battambang Hold First Successful Event

Ek Phnom Stadium in Battambang held their official inaugural ceremony and first event this weekend, and it was a successful evening for the promoters and Kun Khmer fans.

Supporters from all over Cambodia had gathered on Saturday, 2 February for music and entertainment in the newly-built stadium.

Among the attendees were Kingdom Fight Gym leader Kwok Leung Sang and Kun Khmer icon Keo Rumchong.

Highly praised Kun Khmer warrior Rumchong was there to support his fighter Chhin Kimchay and friend Long Sophy, both of which won their fights decisively.

Cambodian Top Team and ONE Championship mixed martial artist Thai Rithy also competed, as well as a handful of international fighters from both China and Thailand.

Behind the stadium and event is businessman Heng Tola who has great ambitions for the Cambodian martial arts scene.

He is already preparing to hold more events at Ek Phnom Stadium with some of the country’s most prominent Kun Khmer stars, something that will greatly benefit the surrounding area and fight scene.

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